A Planet Art Network "Node" is any group of people who follow the thirteen moon calendar and enjoy the process of sharing their experiences and transformative process with each other. Following the thirteen moon calendar is essentially about consciously entering natural timing cycles in order to help us remember the connection we all have with each other and the world around us. One result of this process is the desire to connect more with a community of like minded "kin" who share the view that this is a significant and important perspective. Gatherings are not only a lot of fun but can also provide a forum for sharing one's personal process and receiving helpful input or just confirmations or reality checks from others that the process we are going through is natural and meaningful. Group interaction accelerates our process of transformation and growth and softens the effort associated with our natural evolution. Groups have also chosen to engage in outreach activities in their area, sharing the thirteen moon calendar and information on natural time with others by sponsoring events, teachings or other activities. To this end, any group of twenty kin or more may submit a petition to the PAN Coordinating Node in Portland, Oregon stating that they follow the calendar and hold regular meetings. They will receive 12 Dreamspell kits, a library of publications and 150 pocket calendars to be distributed during events or gatherings. Meetings are held globally on the Crystal Day or day of the 13 day, or "wavespell" cycle. This day of cooperation and dedicating has become a powerful day for global healing or energy work with so many people meeting with a common intention. Gathering the KIN. One of the amazing aspects of entering natural time is the increase of synchronicity that happens. People will amazingly appear in your life who are interested or already looking for other kin themselves to share their experience of natural time with. Local metaphysical bookstores are an excellent place to start connecting with others. Most stores have a bulletin board or other way of posting your interest or may have had inquiries from others like yourself. Some kin have posted ads in the local newspaper, inviting others to a gathering or just to chat and connect. The PAN Coordinating Node may also have heard from kin interested in connecting with others in your area. Meeting Space. Meetings can be held anywhere. Someone's home is a wonderful way to get started. Local bookstores often have a space available for meetings and may provide it for free in hopes of selling books and materials to participants. Pubs or restaurants may have rooms available, asking only that your participants buy food. Public parks are excellent places for meetings in good weather and sometimes have a forestry center or other meeting room. The meeting space does not have to be special since we bring our own vibration into any soace with our intention.


Meetings may consist of any topic or groups of topics of interest to the participants. It is often helpful to have some form of schedule or agenda and honor form so that there is a flow and structure. Some suggested ideas are:

1. Opening prayer or meditation.

2. Kin introduction and smudging.

3. Talk about the current calendar cycles and their significance.

4. Open discussion about the effects of the last 13 day cycle.

5. Announcements or talk about upcoming events or global events of interest.

6. Keynote speakers or activities.

7. Formulate a group "mantra" or phrase for the next 13 day cycle.

8. Closing circle.


1. Opening prayer or meditation. It is important to create a harmonious atmosphere in your space before starting by honoring the directions around your space in some way. This sets up a vessel for your activities together and helps focus intention. One way to do this is to acknowledge the directions around the space. A popular acknowledgement is the PRAYER OF THE SEVEN GALACTIC DIRECTIONS >From the east, house of light, may wisdom dawn in us so we may know all things in clarity. >From the north, house of night, may wisdom ripen in us so we may know all from within. >From the west, house of transformation, may wisdom be transformed into right action so we may do what must be done. >From the South, house of the eternal sun, may right action reap the harvest so we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being. >From above, house of Heaven, where star people and ancestors gather, may their blessing come to us now. >From below, house of Earth, may the heartbeat of her crystal core bless us with harmonies to end all war. And from the center, Galactic Source, which is everywhere at once, may everything be known as the light of mutual love. O yum, Hunab Ku, evam maya, E MA HO. O yum, Hunab Ku, evam maya, E MA HO. O yum, Hunab Ku, evam maya, E MA HO. (Tibetan for "o mother, father creator, nature and mind, isn't it wonderful" or "all hail the harmony of mind and nature") It is nice to provide copies of the prayer or invocation for new people, and to explain beforehand the purpose of doing this and that it is something done by all traditions.

2. Kin introduction and smudging. It is nice to pass a sage smudge or piece of incence for each person to cleanse their energetic field. This is also a good time for people to share their name and galactic signature with the group. It is helpful to have someone available to decode those who do not yet know their galactic signature. Speaking the galctic signature place each kins vibration into the circle and, of course, helps us connect with each other.

3. Talk about the current calendar cycles and their significance. This can be a great way to learn more about the calendar without it being a "teaching." It is good to avoid being too heady, for those who pride themselves on their mastery of time science. Making the cycles accessible is an art in itself.

4. Open discussion about the effects of the last 13 day cycle. This can be a powerful time for kin to share their personal experiences or stories from the last 12 days or part of the wavespell. Optional open circle talking is nice or pass a feather or other "talking object" to identify the person who has the floor. Sharing the transformational process is so important for often times entering the natural timing cycles of the calendar can bring all sorts of things to the surface to be experienced. We help each other in transformation by being present and hearing each others stories, or sharing from the heart similar experiences or advise.

5. Announcements or talk about upcoming events or global events of interest. Crystal reports are emailed regularly and can provide information on PAN events or activities. Get on the list by emailing cosmichand@earthlink.net

6. Keynote speakers or activities. It is fun to provide a special activity or speaker for the group. Don't let this stress you out, getting together is often the best part of meetings and it is easy to get caught up in trying to "top" the last great crystal meeting. Many in your group may have some special interest of talent they would like to share. Often, people who give teachings or workshops will come to a small group and do an introductory talk. Some other ideas include: - Movements activities are fun and we often forget how necessary it is to move the physical form to help integrate new information or release old patterns. The Dances of Universal Peace publishes four wonderful books of movements with songs (Creative Dances series, PeaceWorks). Also the Gabrielle Roth 5 rhythms is available in book, CD and video. It is very powerful and has a 5 aspect movement through creation swet similar to the thirteen tones of movement through creation. Brain synchronization movements like cross marching or the Infinity Walk (Sunbeck, 1987) also go well with the calendar practice. - Guest speakers. - Art projects. It is fun to just provide crayons and paper fo rthe group to do an art project. Work with seeds and glue beforw the seed wavespell to create a mandala. Color sacred geometric images. - Different spiritual traditions. The calendar is a timing mechanism that focusses on Universal Religion, so why not have different traditions discussed or invite someone to share a practice with the group.

7. Formulate a group "mantra" or phrase for the next 13 day cycle. This is an awesome exercise in telepathy that has caught on with many groups globally. The qualities of the upcoming thirteen day cycle or wavespell become the focus of the group, with the intention of agreeing to a phrase or mantra for the wavespell that carries the quality of the wavespell. Some suggestions are below. Once the group chooses, either by inviting suggestions then taking a vote, letting the kin with signatures of the tribe of the next wavespell choose, or other creative method, then the group says the mantra together the number of times as the tribe is in the tribe order ( Dragon is 1 ... Sun is 20). Then, throughout the upcoming wavespell, those who are the same tone as the tone of the day telepathically pulse the qualities of their tone of the wavespell to everyone else (if your tone two, pulse on tone two). Everyone else connects with those people and receives the pulse while sending those people energy to carry the tone for the day. Many kin have experienced heightened telepathic awareness during this fun practice. Dragon- I nuture the birth of my eternal being. Wizard- Timeless enchantment flows through my receptive heart. Hand- I know I am here to accomplish planetary healing. Sun- I am the universal fire which fuels planetary ascension. Skywalker- I am the prophesy, awakening heaven on earth. World-bridger- I surrender to opportunity. Storm- Centering my energy, I catalyze self-generation. Human- I freely co-create through divine will. Serpent- I am the eternal earth serpent, feel my passion. Mirror- I meditate on my endless reflection of divinity. Monkey- I am a magical player in a world of illusion. Seed- I am the flower of perfect awareness. Earth- Evolve Mother, synchronize my navigation. Dog- One heart, love and loyalty, companions of destiny. Night- I intuitively dream myself into the sanctuary of abundance. Warrior- With divine intelligence I fearlessly quest for eternal grace. Moon- I bathe in the waters of universal remembrance. Wind- I communicate inspiration of spirit with divine breath. Eagle- I am the vision of the creator, co-creating planetary mind. Star- I awake to beauty, live in elegance, and become art.

8. Closing circle. It is nice to close the circle consciously and fun to share the wonderful feelings at the end of the meeting with each other. Thank each other for showing up, each person contributed their vibration to the group experience. Toning or ohm-ing is also a nice way to close.