Time is of the mind. Change your calendar and change your time. Change your time and change your mind.

Our current standard of measuring time, the Gregorian Calendar, is not synchronized in time. The 12 month calendar and the 60 minute clock are artificial. The irregular measure of twelve uneven months combined with the 60 minute hour create a disharmonic 12:60 timing frequency which reinforces only one value system with a simple philosophy: time is money.

Money is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. Since the only regular cycle within the Gregorian Calendar is the 7 day cycle or work week, the time is money philosophy becomes the primary focus of our world timing standard.

The launching of the Industrial Age was a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. In 1582, Pope Gregory used the 12 month Julian calendar to create the Gregorian. Then the scientific revolution began in 1618, with the belief that God was a clock maker and the universe His giant clock. The scientist's mission was to figure out how the universe worked and to create the Industrial Revolution. In this way today's materialism was born.

Today's hectic pace is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. We entered the Industrial Age and attempted to set our DNA frequency to a machine age frequency: 12:60. That is why we have so many time saving devices, but no one seems to have enough time.

Time is art. Everything is art when your mind is in phase with natural timing cycles. Then everything can be used to express the beauty of the evolving creation. Time is the unifying field that holds all things together. The Law of Time states that there is one timing frequency that unifies the whole galactic order from its largest constituent to its smallest. This timing frequency is the 13:20 ratio. The mathematics of the Mayan Calendar reveal the universal mathematics of the Fourth Dimension. The Mayans mathematically knew the correct timing cycles of nature, but the mathematics of the correct timing cycles of nature aren't Mayan. They are universal laws of nature. Government is simplified in a 13:20 timing frequency. The true democracy is the democracy of autonomous people telepathically united in truth. Peace is a spiritual challenge, not a political one. If we change our time now we will enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the galactic universal cycles of nature, Heaven on Earth!

The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement is a revolution in time. To know the nature of time is to know the time of nature. In this calendar are Thirteen Moons of 28 days each for a total of 364 days plus one day of forgiveness, a Day Out of Time. Even perfect rhythms invite you to reconnect to the pulse of nature. Also, each day is coded with the energy of the Mayan Tzol'kin calendar, the combination of 13 tones or units of movement through creation and 20 solar tribes or archetypical units of measure. Thus the 13:20 frequency, confirmed in the human body by the presence of thirteen major joints and 20 fingers and toes. Each day has a tone energy combined with a tribe energy. Follow the cycles and feel how the natural rhythms reflect the process of your life unfolding day by day.